The Best Of Tony Tuff THE BEST OF
Tony Tuff

1981 -LP- Tad's, #TRDLP 3181
  1. Hope It's True
  2. Wicked A Fe Run
  3. Honesty The Best Policy
  4. Hello Good Looking
  5. Tired Of This Life I Am Living
  6. For Every Man
  7. Roots Man
  8. She Is Gone
  9. Good Times
Drums: Style Scott
Bass: Errol Flabba Holt
Organ: Winston Wright
Piano: Gladstone Anderson
Lead Guitar: Bo Pee
Rhythm Guitar: Senel
Percussion: Jah Screw
Horns: Deadley Headley
Mastered by Sterling Sound, NY
Edited at Bullwackie Studio by Lloyd Barnes and Douglas Levy
Executive Producer: Tad Dawkins
Produced by Tad Dawkins, Jah Screw, Ranking Joe Jackson