Junior Keatting

1980 -LP- Tad's, #TRDLP 81880
  1. Long Long Time
  2. Conquering Lion
  3. Jah Wrote Me a Letter
  4. Weekend Lover
  5. Watch What You Do + DJ (feat Jah Thomas)
  6. Baby Please Be True
  7. Hang Up The Telephone
  8. Something Is Bugging Me
  9. Coming Of a Storm
  10. Dubbing Of a Storm
Rhythm tracks laid by The Roots Radics Band
Drums Style: Radigon
Bass Style: Errol Flabba Holt
Organ Style: Winston Wright
Rhythm+Lead Style: Bingy Bunny
Piano Style: Gladston Anderson
Percussion Style: Sky Juice Blake
Saxaphone Style: Headley Bennett
Trombone Style: Val Bennett
Trumpet Style: Bobby Ellis

Produced and Arranged by Jah Thomas
Executive Producer: Tad Dawkins
Rhythm tracks recorded at Channel One
Voiced and Mixed at King Tubbys by Scientist
Edited at Bullwackies Studio by Douglas Levy and Lloyd Barnes