Wackies Selective Showcase 2 WACKIES SELECTIVE SHOWCASE VOL. 2
Bullwackies All Stars

2003 -CD- Wackie's, #WFE 003
  1. Don't Go Baby (Horace Andy)
  2. Instrument For Jah (Shalom)
  3. Drum Song Pt. 2 (Clive Hunt And Ras Takashi)
  4. Red Gold And Green (Stranger Cole)
  5. Mystic Revelation Pt. 3 (Ras Takashi)
  6. Mystic Dub (Wackies Rhythm Force)
  7. Be Good (Horace Andy)
  8. Be Good Dub (Wackies Rhythm Force)
  9. Selassie (Ras Takashi)
  10. Selassie I Dub (Wackies Rhythm Force)
Played by Wackies Rhythm Force

Produced by Lloyd Barnes
Co-Produced by Wackies Far East Chapter
Recorded at Wackies studio
Recording engineers: Bullwackie, Douglas Levy, Studio Bug, Shalom
Mixing Engineer: Lloyd Barnes