Bullwackies All Stars

1983 -LP- Wackie's, #W 2393
  1. Take a Set (Sugar Minnott)
  2. Up On The Roof (Lloyd Hemmings)
  3. No Turning Back (Mill Henry)
  4. It Ain't Easy (Love Joys)
  5. Dedication Rock (Harold Butler)
  6. Tricks On My Mind (Jezzreel)
  7. Moses (Wayne Jarrett)
  8. Do You Really Know (Itopia)
  9. What's Forever For (Max Romeo)
  10. Stormy (Junior Delahaye)
Drums: Fabian Cooke
Bass: Tony (Jah T) Allen, Fox Stewart
Guitars: Jerry Harris, Owen Stewart
Keyboards: Owen Stewart, Harold Butler, Jackie Mittoo
Percussions: Ras Menilik, Wackie's Possie
Horns: Jerry Johnson, Pee Wee Walters (Sax), Derrick Hinds, Neville Anderson (Trambone)

Produced by: Lloyd Barnes
Recorded at: Wackie's Studio
Recording Engineers: Bullwackie, Douglas Levy, Junior Delahaye
Mixing Engineer: Lloyd Barnes (Bullwackie)
Edited by: Bullwackie
Mastered by: Christopher Chin, VP Records

Special Thanks to the following Brethrens:
Major Little of A & R Recording
Philip James of the Blues Busters
Supertone Possie
Peplo's Possie