John Clarke

1979 -LP- Wackie's, #SENTA LP 0078
2006 -LP- Wackie's, #W 0078
  1. Wasn't It You
  2. Babylon Spanking
  3. John Brown
  4. Shack Up With You
  5. Come Back Darling
  6. Good Collie Weed
  7. You Like To Borrow
  8. You're Just The One
  9. Tell Me The Truth
  10. We Need Some Solution
Drums: Calvin (Inner Circle), Todd Dawkins, Clive (Sly) Plummer, Glen, Jah Scotty
Bass: John Clarke, Cornel Sylvera, Clive Hunt
Rythm Guitar: Bruce, Jah T, Jerry Hitler, Mickey Mouse
Piano: Allah, Clive Hunt, Jah T
Organ: Jah T
Horns: Jery Johnson, Baba Leslie
Procussions: Bullwackie, Tony O'Mealy
Background Vocals: Noel Delahaye, Joe Auxumite, John Clarke, Love Joys
Lead Guitar: Bruce, Mikey Chung, Allah
Synthazier: Clive Hunt

Produced by Bala Production
Arranged by Bala Production
Recorded at Wackie's House Of Music
Mixed at Wackie's House Of Music
Mastered at Soundwave Studio
Recording Engineers: Douglas Levy, Lloyd Barnes