Reckless Breed

1976 -LP- Rawse, #SAL 0034
1976 -LP- Rawse, #LP 0037
2006 -LP- Wackie's, #W 0037
2006 -CD- Wackie's, #W 0037
  1. Dub Full Of Girls (Reckless Breed)
  2. Under World (Reckless Breed)
  3. Explosure (Sylvesters)
  4. Roots Rockers (Reckless Breed)
  5. Chin Chow (Reckless Breed)
  6. Reckless Roots (Soul Syndicate)
  7. Prepare Jah Man (Jah Carlos)
  8. Grand Slam (Reckless Breed)
  9. City Line (Bullwackies All Stars)
  10. Creation (Bullwackies All Stars)
Produced by Lloyd 'Bullwackies' Barnes Sounds Unlimited Studio
Mixed in USA by Jah Upton, Prince Douglas & Bullwackies
Mastered by Franford Wayne Mastering Lab, New York
Recorded at King Tubbys Studio, Jamaica, Sounds Unlimited Studio, New York City Line Records
Before Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes made his move to New York, there to set up the legendary Wackies studio and label, he did some production work alongside fellow up-and-coming producers Jah Upton and Prince Douglas at King Tubby's studio in Jamaica. The material on this 1976 album was recorded there using the Soul Syndicate band in 1974 and 1975, and consists of dub versions of tracks originally credited to Reckless Breed, the Sylvesters, Don Carlos (credited here as Jah Carlos) and, inevitably, the Bullwackie's All Stars.
The CD release comes as part of a slow flood of Wackie's reissues, and marks the first time most of this material has been issued on CD. Those familiar with Barnes' creative yet roots-based production style will know exactly what to expect, but Prepare Jah Man (the Don Carlos showcase) is sure to surprise and delight even the most jaded roots collector, and dark and minimalist instrumental grooves like Creation and Grand Slam (the latter consisting of little other than drum'n'bass for extended sections) will be welcomed equally by those who just can't get enough of the dubwise '70s sound.

AllMusic Review by Rick Anderson