Lloyd Bullwackie Barnes Discography
Soul To Soul Vol.1 (Various Artists) SOUL TO SOUL VOLUME 1
Various Artists

1980 -LP- Tad's, #TRDLP 51980
  1. Teaching (Barry Brown)
  2. Soul To Soul (Rod Tailor)
  3. Whip Them (Ranking Barnibas)
  4. Chuckie Chuckie (Welton Irie)
  5. Money Money (Georgi McKay)
  6. More Soul To Soul (Rod Tailor)
  7. Class Of '69/Dub of '69 (Carlton Livingston)
  8. Tribute To Bobby/Dub To Bobby (Carlton Livingston)
Recorded at Channel One and King Tubby Studio
Mixed by Scientist at King Tubby Studio
Edited by Lloyd Barnes & Douglas Levy at Bullwackies Studio
Produced by Tad Dawkins