Lloyd Bullwackie Barnes Discography
Showcase (Wayne Jarrett) SHOWCASE VOL.1

Wayne Jarrett

1982 -LP- Wackie's, #W 191
2004 -CD- Wackie's, #
  1. Brimstone & Fire
  2. Every Tongue Shall Tell
  3. Magic In The Air
  4. Bubble Up
  5. Darling Your Eyes
  6. Holy Mount Zion
Drums: Edmund Sylvester, Scotty Nedick
Bass: Harold Sylvester, Brother Umojo, Roy Robertson
Rhythm: Ras Makkonnen, Jerry Harris, Richard
Lead Guitar: Jerry Harris
Keyboards: Steppy, Allah, Azul
Horns: Jerry Johnson
Flute: Clive Hunt
Percussion: The Chosen Brothers
Background: Wayne Jarrett, The Chosen Brothers
Produced and arranged by Lloyd 'Bullwackie' Barnes and Clive 'Azul' Hunt
Executive producer: Horace Brown
Recording Engineer: Prince Douglas Levy
Mixed and Edited by Bullwackies
Mastered at Soundwave, NYC