Lloyd Bullwackie Barnes Discography
Satan Kicked The Bucket (Lee Scratch Perry) SATAN KICKED THE BUCKET
Lee Scratch Perry

1988 -LP- Wackie's, #Wackies 2740
  1. Bank To Bank
  2. Once I Had a Dream
  3. Sweet Dreams
  4. It's Alright
  5. Ooh La La
  6. Keep On Moving
  7. Satan Kicked The Bucket
  8. Bat Bat
  9. One Horse Race
  10. Day Should Turn To Night
Drum Program: Edmond Sylvester
Drums, Drum Program: Bullwackie, Jerry Harris
Bass: Harold Sylvester, Coozie Mellers, J.Harris
Piano: J.Harris, Junior Delahaye, Bullwackie
Synth: Bullwackie, J.Harris, Mortie Butler
Guitar: J.Harris, C.Mellers
Horns: Jerry Johnson
Percussions: Ras Menelik Dakosta
Back Up Vocals: Max Romeo, Abel & Allen, Lee Perry, J.Harris
Special thanks to Mute Beat & Shizuo Ishii (Overheat Production) for forwarding the sound track "Day Should Turn To Night"
Rhythm track for "Ooh La La" recorded at Black Ark, Jamaica
Recorded at Wackie Studio, NJ
Recording Engineers: Major Irie, Bullwackie
All tracks mixed by: Lee Perry & Bullwackie
Edited by: Bullwackie & Major Irie
Produced by: Lloyd "Bullwackie" Barnes & Lee Scratch Perry
Executive producer: Sonny "Sabwackie" Ochiai for Wackies Production