Lloyd Bullwackie Barnes Discography
Plush All Stars Vol.1 (Bullwackies All Stars) PLUSH ALL STARS VOLUME 1
Bullwackies All Stars

2002 -CD- Plush, #PLSH 001
  1. Sweetness (Visionaries)
  2. Falling In Love With You (Anthem)
  3. I Don't Want You Back (Shalom)
  4. Be Strong (Sizzla)
  5. Unite (Jah Batta)
  6. More And More (Tega)
  7. I Want To Know (Anthem)
  8. Sunshine (Tyrone Paragon)
  9. Missing You (Jah Batta)
  10. Only Jah Love (Louie Griffiths)
  11. Natural Mystic (Horace Andy)
  12. Thinking About You (Visonaries)
  13. Love The Way (Shalom)
  14. On My Mind (Yoko)
Recorded at Link Up Recording Studio and Agratha Studio
Recording Engineers: David Rowe, Lloyd Barnes
Recording Engineers: Tyrone Berkel, David Rowe, Lloyd Barnes