Lloyd Bullwackie Barnes Discography
KTW Dub (Junior Dan) KTW DUB
Junior Dan

1982 -LP- Clappers, # CLPS1984
  1. Bush Master Workout
  2. Midnight In El Salvador
  3. Jerry Rollins Clappers Style
  4. KTW Dub
  5. Swapo Skank
  6. Free namibia
  7. Guided Missiles (Leftist Dub)
Bass, Guitar, Organ, Electric Piano, Synthesizer, Strings, Percussions: Junior Dan
Drums: Max Edwards, Albert Malawi
Guitar: Dalton Brownie, Dave Zang
Organ: Everton Carrington
Produced and arranged by: Sidney Gussine (Junior Dan)
Executive producers: Clappers International
Recorded at: Harry J Studio and Treasure Isle Studio
Mixed at: Bullwackie Studio NYC
All songs written and arranged by: Sidney Gussine