Lloyd Bullwackie Barnes Discography
Keep On Dancing (Bullwackie) KEEP ON DANCING
Bullwackie and the Chosen Brothers

1991 -CD- Alpha Enterprise, #YHR-1019
  1. Don't Be Afraid
  2. Keep On Dancing
  3. Dancing In The Rain
  4. Girl I Wonder
  5. True Love
  6. Keep The Peace
  7. Good Feeling
  8. Smoke Get In Your Eyes
  9. How Can I Be Sure
  10. Stand Up
Bullwackie; lead vocal, backup vocal, drum programming, synth bass, piano
Jackie Mittoo: drum programming, synth bass, piano, keyboards
Wayne Chin (Chinafrica): drum programming, synth bass, keyboards
Jerry Harris: guitar, bass
Karl Wright: drums
Sugarr Minott: backup vocals, drum programming, piano
Jerry Johnson: saxophone
Kevin Batchelor: trumpet
Chosen Brothers: percussion, backup vocals
Recorded and Mixed at: Wackies Recording Studio, Englewood, NJ
Recording Engineers: Wayne Chin, Bullwackie, Sugar Minott
Mixing Engineers: Bullwackie, Sugar Minott
Produced by Wackies Music
Executive Producer: Sonny Ochiai & Lloyd Barnes