Lloyd Bullwackie Barnes Discography
Jah Son Invasion (Bullwackie All Stars) JAH SON INVASION
Bullwackies All Stars

1982 -LP- Wackie's, #W2384
2003 -LP- Wackie's, #W2384
2003 -CD- Wackie's, #W2384
  1. Over And Over (Bobby Sarkie)
  2. Rockers Time (Barrington Spence)
  3. Black Girl (Joy Card)
  4. Spreading All Over (Jerry Harris)
  5. Whenever I'm Happy (Tyrone Evans)
  6. I Who Have Nothing (Jah Skerta)
  7. Pipe Piper (Azul)
  8. Jah Is My Only Guide (Ras McKonnen)
  9. New Sensation (Auxumite)
  10. Sometime Girl (Sugar Minott)
Drums: Fabian Cooke, Edmond Sylvester, Jah Scotty, Sly Dunbar
Bass: Jerry Harris, Tony Allen, Clive Hunt, Robert Shakespeare
Guitars: Jerry Harris
Keyboards: Owen Stewart, Clive Hunt, Steppy
Horns: Jerry Johnson, Passey
Flute: Clive Hunt
Percussion: Ras Menilik, Chosen Brothers
Produced by: Bullwackie
Executive Producer: Lloyd & Lloyd Prod.Inc.
Recorded at Wackies House Of Music
Engineers: Douglas Levy, Noel Delahaye, Lloyd Barnes
Special thanks to Major Little