Lloyd Bullwackie Barnes Discography
Jah Children Invasion Chapter 3 (Bullwackie All Stars) JAH CHILDREN INVATION CHAPTER III
Bullwackies All Stars

198x -LP- Tachyon, #
  1. A Little Love We Need (Jerry Harris)
  2. Heaven Must Have Sent An Ange (Luddy Marriott)
  3. What A Pressure (Major Irie)
  4. Johnny (Chris Wayne)
  5. You Don't Care (Maxine Mille)
  6. Make It Right (Milton Henry)
  7. Sea Of Love (Nahki)
  8. Second That Emotion (Sugar Minott)
  9. Nah Say Nothing (Coozie Mellers)
  10. Abbashantie (Jerry Johnson, Neville Anderson)
Wackies Rhythm Force:
Drums: Rangatan, Fabian Cooke, Luddy Marriott
Bass: Coozie Mellers, Clive Hunt
Keybooard & Synthezisers: F.Cooke, Earl Fitzsimmonds, Clive Hunt, Bullwackie
Guitars: Asher, F.Cooke, Jerry Harris
Percussion: Ras Menelik
Recorded and mixed at Wackies Studio, Bronx
Recording Engineers: Major Irie, Douglas Levy, Bullwackie
Produced by Lloyd Barnes
Co Produced by Sonny Ochiai