Lloyd Bullwackie Barnes Discography
I And I In Inity (Triston Palmer) I AND I IN INITY
Triston Palmer & Phillip Frazer

198x -LP- Drum & Bass, #D&B115/116
  1. Love You Need You
  2. Love You Dub
  3. If You Could Meet Somebody
  4. Somebody Dub
  5. What a Struggling
  6. Struggle Dub
  7. This World Can Be Beautiful
  8. If We Try Dub
  9. Give King Selassi I Praises
  10. Jah Blessing Flowing Dub
  11. Bring Back The Diamond And Pearl
  12. That You Take Away Dub
Recorded by I&I Sound, Wackies and Pop for Drum & Bass production
Recorded at I&I recording and Wackies
Recording Engineer: Fabian Cook
Mixing Engineer: Fabian Cook and I&I
Executive Producer: George Lloyd Davis and Norman Harris