Lloyd Bullwackie Barnes Discography
Black World Dub (Wackies Rhythm Force) BLACK WORLD DUB
Wackies Rhythm Force

1979 -LP- Hard Wax, #W-1040
2008 -LP- Wackie's, #W-1040
  1. Recording Connection (Jah T)
  2. Skylarking
  3. Troubled Land (Joe Auxumite)
  4. Morning Star
  5. United Rock (Bullwackie)
  6. Black World (Leroy Sibles)
  7. Simple Little Woman (Joe Auxumite)
  8. Tribute To Studio One
  9. Shining Star
  10. Rain From the Cloud
Drums – Clive (Sly) Plummer
Bass – Clive Hunt, Roy Robertson, John Clark, Jah T, Leroy Heptones
Rhythm Guitar – Jah T
Lead Guitar – Jah T
Snare: Clive Hunt
Keyboards: Clive Hunt, Jah T, Allah
Percussion: Lloyd Barnes, Joe Auxumite, T. O'Mealy
Background vocals: Wayne Jarrett, Orlando Nelson, Tony O'Mealy
Recorded at Wackies House Of Music
Engineer – Douglas Levy, Lloyd Barnes