Lloyd Bullwackie Barnes Discography
Allied Dub Selection (Scientist vs Papa Tad's) ALLIED DUB SELECTION
Scientist vs Papa Tad's

1980 -LP- Tad's, #TRDLP 10180
  1. Who Dead?
  2. Kill Me With Dub Pa Tads
  3. You Can't Play This One Scientist
  4. Pack Up And Go Home Boy
  5. Murder Style
  6. A Me Dead
  7. Scientist Special
  8. Straight To Saps Head
  9. Water House Rock
  10. Straight To Tads Head
Drums – Style Scott
Bass – Errol Flaba Holt
Organ - Winston Wright
Rhythm & Lead - Bingy Bunny
Piano - Gladstone Anderson
Percussion – Sky Juice Blake
Sax - Headley Bennett
Trumpet - Bobby Ellis
Recorded at Channel One
Mixed at King Tubby Studio by Papa Tads & Scientist
Mastered by Sterling Sound, NY
Edited at Bullwackie Studios by Douglas Levy and Lloyd Barnes
Producer by Tad Dawkins