I'll Be Good I'LL BE GOOD
Bullwackie and the Chosen Brothers

1989 -CD- Alpha Enterprise, #YHL 102
1989 -CD- Alpha Enterprise, #YH 1002
  1. Again
  2. Try Again
  3. Crimes In The Streets
  4. Baby Come Back
  5. Yours Always
  6. Bullwackie In Dub
  7. I'll Be Good
  8. Who's Gonna Pay [The Rent]
  9. Feel Free
  10. My Girl
  11. Baby I Love You
  12. Bay Bridge
Lloyd Barnes; lead vocal, drum programs, piano, synth, percussion, background vocal
Jerry Harris: drum programs, bass, piano, synth, background vocal
Ronnie Murphy: drums
Jackie Mittoo: bass, synth, piano
Steve Knight: bass, piano
Bobo El Paco: bass
Ras Menilik: percussion
Ashar: guitar
Milton Henry: background vocal
Abel & Allen: background vocal
Neville Anderson: trombone
Jerry Johnson: saxophone

Produced by Jerry Harris & Lloyd Barnes
Executive Producer: Sonny Ochiai & Lloyd Barnes
Recorded and Mixed at: Wackies Recording Studio, Englewood, NJ
Engineers: Bullwackie, Cate, C. Nelson