Show Me That You Love Me SHOW ME THAT YOU LOVE
Maxine Miller

1988 -LP- Wackie's, #WACKIES 2725
  1. Show Me That You Love
  2. Say You Will
  3. Undying Love
  4. Can We Make Up
  5. Let It Go
  6. Love Me Tonight
  7. Rub-a-Dub Feeling
  8. This Time I'll Be Sweeter
  9. Serious Woman
  10. Freedom Train
Drums: Fabian Cooke, Rangutang
Drum Programming: Fabian Cooke, Lloyd Barnes
Bass: Tony Allen, Fabian Cooke, Bobo El Paco
Synteziser: Mortie Butler, Fabian, Earl Fitzsimmonds
Piano: Fabian Cooke, Earl Fitzsimmonds
Rhythm Guitars: Tony Allen, Leroy Hammond
Lead Guitars: Tony Allen, Simon Rochester
Percussion: Ras Menelik DaCosta
Horns: Jerry Johnson
Background Vocals: Maxine Miller

Recorded and mixed at Wackie's Studio
Recording Engineers: Fabian Cooke, Lloyd Barnes, Duglas Levy

Let It Go and Freedom Train: Mixed at Youth Promotion Recording Engineers: Lincoln 'Sugar' Minott, Admiral Ken
Final mix engineering: Bullwackie