Milton Henry

1987 -LP- Tachyon, #WR 2741
  1. Babylon Loot
  2. Sitting In The Corner
  3. Turn Me On
  4. Mixed Up Girl
  5. Don't You Blame Me
  6. Easy (I'm In Love With You)
  7. Love And Devotion
  8. Pay Back
  9. Sure As Faith
Drums: Fabian Cooke
Drum programs: Rangatan & Bullwackie
Basss & Bass Synth: Bobo El Paco, Coozie Mellers & Bullwackie
Keyboards & Synthesisers: Earl Fitzsimmonds, Fabian Cooke, Bullwackie & Mortie Buttler
Guitar: Coozie Mellers, Jimmy & Jerry Harris
Percussion: Ras Menelik
Horns: Jerry Johnson
Harmony: Mill Henry, Sugar Minott, Coozie Mellers, Jerry Harris & Maxine Miller

Recorded and mixed at Wackie's Studio, Bronx, New York
Recording Engineers: Major Irie, Douglas Levy & Bullwackie
Produced by Lloyd Barnes
Co-produced by Sonny Ochiai
Executive producers: Bullwackie & Sabwackie for Wackies Recording Inc.