Wackies Rhythm Force

1986 -LP- Wackie's, #WACKIES 2722
  1. In South Africa (Willie Williams)
  2. African Children (Joh Clarke)
  3. Time Fe The African Be Free (Mikey Jarrett)
  4. Majority Rule (Chosen Brothers)
  5. Chant Down Apartheid (Ras Menelik)
  6. Now You See The Scene (Milton Henry)
  7. Liberation Struggles (Wackies Rhhyhtm Force)
  8. Peoples Republic (Wackies Rhyhtm Force)
  9. Black Solidarity (Wackies Rhyhtm Force)
  10. City Of Gold (Wackies Rhyhtm Force)
  11. Detention And Repression (Wackies Rhyhtm Force)
  12. Free South Africa (Wackies Rhyhtm Force)
Backing Band – Wackies Rhythm Force
Horns – Jerry Johnson
Keyboards – Mortie Butler
Vocals – Chosen Brothers, The (tracks: A4), John C (tracks: A2), Mikey Jarrett (tracks: A3), Milton Henry (tracks: A6), Ras Menelik (tracks: A5), Willie Williams (tracks: A1)
Backing Vocals – Andrew McCalla, Chosen Brothers, The, Fabian Cooke, Joe Auximite, Maxine Miller, Milton Henry

Recorded By – Bullwackie, Douglas Levy, Fabian Cooke
Edited By – Bullwackie, Sabwackie
Mixed By – Bullwackie, Douglas Levy, Fabian Cooke
Producer – Lloyd Barnes, Sonny Ochiai