Jah Children Invasion Chapter 2 JAH CHILDREN INVASION CHAPTER II

Bullwackies All Stars

1984 -LP- Wackie's, #WACKIES 2723
  1. Happy Song (Sugar Minott)
  2. Undying Love (Maxine Miller)
  3. It's You I Love (Jerry Johnson)
  4. Hiding Away (Lucy Clark)
  5. Do You Feel Alright (John Clarke)
  6. We Need Relief (Fabian Cooke)
  7. Go Man Go (Carlton Livingston)
  8. Parafanatic (Lone Ranger & Lee van Cleef)
  9. Rock With Me (Horace Andy)
  10. This World (Leroy Sibles)
Drums: Fabian Cooke
Drum Programming: F.Cooke, L.Barnes
Bass: Winston Gardner, F.Cooke
Guitars: John C Clark, L.Minott, F.Cooke, B.Vincent
Keyboards: Mortie Butler, F.Cooke
Percussion: Ras Menilik Dacosta
Horns: Jerry Johnson, Pee Wee Walters

Recorded and mixed at Wackies Studio, New York
Engineers: Douglas Levy, Fabian Cooke & Bullwackie
Compiled by Lloyd Barnes & Sonny Ochiai
Produced by Wackies/Pop Inc. Production