Wackies Selective Showcase WACKIE'S SELECTIVE SHOWCASE VOL. 1
Bullwackies All Stars

1980 -LP- Wackie's, #WACKIE SH 190
  1. March Down Babylon (Chosen Brothers)
  2. Mystic Revellation (Noel Delahaye)
  3. This World (Leroy Sibles)
  4. Home To Africa (Joe Auxumite)
  5. Love Of My Life (Jezzreel)
  6. Darling Your Eyes (Wayne Jarrett)
  7. Serious Thing (Horace Andy)
Drums: Joe Issacs, Scotty, Edmund Sylvester
Bass: Roy Robertson, Umoja, Leroy Sibles
Rythm Guitar: Jerry, Ras McKanen
Lead Guitar: Jerry, Shan
Keyboards: Steppy, Allah
Percussion: Chosen Brother
Horns: Jerry Johnson
Background Vocal: Chosen Brothers

Produced & Arranged by Bullwackie
Recorded at Wackies Studio
Mixed & Edited by Bullwackie
Recording Engineer: D. Levy, L. Barnes
Exc Producer: L. Barnes, H. Brown
Mastered at Soundwave Studio, NY